The following are some of the questions that we are asked frequently.

Before you read the following section or ask any questions that are not covered here, you can download a Draft Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) at www.a-gold.ae/SPA_for_Sellers.doc or www.a-gold.ae/SPA_for_Buyers.doc

What is the price that you would pay for my gold?

Can you pay in advance for a) the Export Custom Duties, b) the transportation costs to Dubai, c) fees to a Diplomat to carry the gold, or any other expense?

When do I get paid for my gold and when transfer of ownership of the gold takes place?

Can you open an SBLC for the value of the gold that we are going to ship you?

What would happen if the shipment is found by Dubai Customs to have illegal or not all paperwork according to their specifications to enter the country?

Can you provide us with Bank References?


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